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Valley News – Forum, March 18: Take back control of runaway prices

Take back control of runaway prices

Money and large corporations control our politicians and our country. Most of them have bought back their stocks and have control of the stock market. As long as we keep letting big money into our politics, all we will see is huge increases in our struggle to exist.

Prescriptions,as well as food, gas and oil prices, are exponentially more expensive than in most countries. The pharmacists and food, gas and oil companies can raise their prices any time and are backed by all politicians, Democrat and Republican, who accept donations and bribes.

This country ships oil from Alaska to overseas markets, then imports oil from the Middle East. Remember the tar sands oil. This is pumped from Canada to Texas, refined and shipped overseas. The only thing we see is the waste from refineries.

Mother Nature, when she formed the world, supplied us with wood, fossil fuels and steam vents. Cap these steam vents to make cheap hydrogen to supply our vehicles and steam to produce electricity to heat our homes. Hydrogen fuel could be sold at $1-2 per gallon forever, not $4-5 per gallon of fossil fuel.

So if you want a change in the way you are being ripped off, get rid of all the lowlifes that run this country. Producing our own food, gas, oil and prescription drugs could save us thousands of dollars per year. Then you could live a better life, just like the ones who are taking your hard-earned money.

It’s your money the politicians and corrupt Wall Street companies are using to gain more wealth. Now the cry of corruption is money and power. Look around. If you can’t see this, buy a pair of glasses, because it’s right in front of you.

Robert Pollard


The importance of evidence-based politics

I find the current political climate dismal and worrisome. Statements by our political leaders and citizens at large are often extreme with no effort to provide supporting evidence.

James Graham, in his letter to the Valley News (“Leave schools out of partisan politics,” March 9), astutely observes that “the education laws proposed by the current Republican legislature are supported by conjecture and anecdote.” He continues by asking for evidence of “teacher disloyalty,” “Marxist doctrine” and the benefit of “removing art and music from the curriculum.”

In the same Valley News, the Los Angeles Times editorial (“Deception blocks action on climate”) notes the fossil fuel industry’s misinformation over the last 10 years has been an attempt to question climate science and sow doubt about global warming.

The editorial suggests that these efforts to “poison the information landscape” contributed to the U. S. politicians’ failure to enact federal climate legislation.

There has to be a better political world than what we see and hear in this country. Witness the following: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bizarre statements about President Biden and the Democrats — “Joe Biden is a communist. And that’s what the Democrats are. They’re communists.” And Tucker Carlson accused Biden of treating the unvaccinated as “subhumans.” Republican New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien from Derry exclaimed, “I know a lot of people like Black Lives Matter. They don’t realize it’s a Marxist organization.” She also invoked the Cambodian genocide.

On guns, proponents of stand-your-ground laws in place in 20 states following Florida’s lead “say the laws enhance public safety by reducing barriers that prevent people from exercising their right to self-defense. They also claim that such laws deter crime.” (“‘Stand your ground’ costs lives,” March 1) Yet, a study in JAMA Network Open found “stand-your-ground laws were associated with an 11% increase in monthly homicide rates.” The study’s findings affirm the 2020 review by the Rand Corp. that strong evidence links stand-your-ground laws with an increase in firearm homicide rates.

Evidence, not fantasy, ought to inform our positions about political, social and educational issues. Is it possible to imagine a political world that exemplifies an “evidence-based politics”? I wonder.

Bob Scobie

West Lebanon

Tubb’s flawed gas prices analysis

Katie Tubb’s March 12 editorial, “White House watches as gas prices spiral,” is just what is to be expected from the Heritage Foundation. She equates fossil fuel dominance with American power. She proposes the same old tired rhetoric of drill more, extract more and increase supply specifically to further inhibit Russia’s cash flow.

America has gone to war for fossil fuel dominance. We have toppled foreign governments for fossil fuel dominance. We have carrier fleets in the Middle East to protect fossil fuel transport. And we form relationships with despicable despots to secure a supply.

I offer the following: Do everything we can to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Battery electric vehicles for transportation is a start. Stop trying to restrict solar panel use by legislation. Do everything we can to make fossil fuels worthless.

Only by doing this can we truly become energy independent and dry up the war chests of dictators around the world.

Gary Hutchins


Dying with dignity

Thank you for Sunday’s review of Amy Bloom’s new book, “In Love,” in which she writes of her husband’s decision to go to Switzerland to die (“Bloom documents heart-wrenching journey,” March 13). All of us will die, but we don’t talk about it. We want to die in our sleep, but almost none of us do.

We die connected to tubes, or weak from stopping eating and drinking, or in palliative sedation when breakthrough pain becomes too much. I’m fortunate to live in Vermont where, provided we have the prognosis of a terminal illness, medical aid in dying (MAID) allows us to choose the day. It is a peaceful and serene process, with sleep often occurring in under an hour.

This was Amy Bloom’s husband’s experience in Switzerland. One can only pray that every state in America, not just the ten that have done so thus far, will pass a medical aid in dying law that allows us to die in peace without having to fly to Switzerland at a cost of $10,000.

Full disclosure: I am on the Board of Directors of Patient Choices Vermont (patientchoices.org), and in 2018 my husband used Vermont’s medical aid in dying after he was given a prognosis of six months or less to live as the result of a brain tumor.

Susan Gillotti


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