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Ukraine war latest: WHO Foundation urges businesses to contribute more to humanitarian

Ukraine’s president on Wednesday rallied his country’s armed forces and citizens to keep fighting back 14 days into Russia’s invasion, while urging Russian troops to “go home”.

“Brave Ukrainians,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised address to the nation. “We persevered and inspired the whole world with our determination.”

Russian troops “can destroy the walls of our homes, our schools, our churches; [they] can shatter Ukrainian enterprises,” Zelensky said, referring to their shelling and aerial strikes on civilian and non-military buildings.

“But [they] will never reach our soul, our heart, our ability to live freely. And fight boldly,” he added.

Zelensky, dressed in a military T-shirt, looked more rested and confident than in the early days of the war. He spoke as Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attempts to capture major cities including the capital city Kyiv, Kharkiv in the east and Mykolayiv in the south.

“You still have a chance to survive,” Zelensky said, addressing the 200,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. “We will not give up. Because this is our home. These are our families and children. We will fight until we regain our land and you are fully accountable for all our killed people.”

He added: “You can still be saved if you just leave.”

Zelensky threw in a defiant word to the US and Nato about blocking Poland’s proposal to send fighter jet supplies and urged them to “send us planes”.

“If you do not close the skies, you will also be responsible for this catastrophe,” he reiterated, adding that Kyiv is grateful to Poland for the alternative and its “readiness to provide Ukraine with combat aircraft”.

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