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Roofing companies across the Ozarks see uptick in repairs following storms, warn of scams

BOLIVAR, Mo. (KY3) – Roofing companies across the Ozarks are seeing an uptick in calls for repairs and replacements following a few springtime storms over the last several weeks.

If you take a drive through Bolivar, it can be hard to find a street that doesn’t have several yards filled with roofing repair signs. Several neighborhoods in the area got hit with quite a bit of hail after a storm swept through a couple weeks ago.

“Immediately starting as soon as that evening, we had customers calling us right away,” Ohm Restoration co-owner Jay Haynes described.

The business, based in Springfield, is now busy repairing several roofs and homes in Bolivar.

Those living in the area recall the almost golf ball-sized hail that swept through the area. Many quickly took shelter.

“Went to our back hall with pillows and took whatever you take there,” laughed Bolivar homeowner Nancy Hodges.

”Hunker down and try to be safe,” homeowner James Rice said. “When we came out it was all over with, but there was a lot of damage.”

Siding was torn apart and roofing sat scattered all over. Some homeowners said previous storms damaged their roofs, but now they need brand new ones.

”This one really messed it up more,” Hodges said.

”We found shingles in the yard and driveway, and some of it not even ours,” Rice described.

Ohm Restoration is currently set to work on both of their roofs, and Haynes said the calls keep coming in. He said many people who initially thought they did not have bad damage are the ones calling for repairs now.

“Just make sure and get your home inspected if there’s even a chance that your home was damaged in a storm,” Haynes said. “There’s a lot of customers with active leaks right now.”

He said waiting can lead to more damage. Haynes also said many contractors and insurance providers will provide a free assessment, which he highly suggests people take advantage of. He said waiting can often lead to leaking, damaged walls, gutters, and much more. All of which can end up being very expensive to replace.

“If you think there’s a chance that you had large enough hail, or even if it was small hail that was wind driven, you should take advantage of someone going up and doing a free damage inspection,” Haynes said.

And as you search for someone to do the job, he recommends being mindful of scammers.

”People will sell really low grade roofing materials as really high grade materials,” Haynes described. “Another thing is just companies that shortcut the installs. They hire a company that is really good talking and knocking on their doors and gives them these warm fuzzy feelings. Then all they get is felt paper and shingles installed and they have issues with this roof, and the roof is completely worn out needing to be replaced in less than five years.”

He said another common scam happens when customers pay a deposit, but no work ever gets done.

“Just be really careful,” Haynes said. “Giving a deposit check is okay. On some jobs we will require that ourselves. However, if you’re going to give someone a deposit check, make sure it’s a company that actually has a reputable reputation.”

Haynes said homeowners should always do a bit of research before hiring anyone to fix their roof or home.

”Watch out for people who don’t have good online presence or good reviews,” he said. “Watch out for people that promised to cover your insurance deductible. That’s not legal. So right away you know they’re not upstanding. Make sure you do your due diligence on the company, and make sure they’ve been around the local area for a good amount of time.”

Haynes said he also recommends hiring a licensed roofer to do the job. He said your local chamber of commerce, the Better Business Bureau, or even reviews of Facebook and Google can often be good resources.

The BBB says your contract with a roofer should include the type of roof covering, the manufacturer, the color, and the length of warranty and what is covered.

Restoration and roofing businesses also say if you ever run into issues where you feel your insurance is not covering enough of the damage, a second opinion can always help.

“If you are at that situation where you think you should be paid for damage and you think you’re not being paid for damage correctly, you should definitely call either a contractor or somebody that you trust and have a good relationship with, just to get a second opinion,” Haynes said.

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