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Pennies From Heaven Report Has Landed: PYBX, HMNU, HALb, GTCH, ALST

While it is true that penny stocks trade at very low levels, it cannot be denied that the market for those stocks is also quite bit and every day millions of investors look for fresh opportunities in these stocks. The reason for the popularity of these stocks lies in the fact that these stocks can often deliver exemplary gains if they rally. Here is a look at five penny stocks that could be worth tracking at this point.

Hydro Power Technologies (OTC:PYBX) – This is an innovative company that is involved in the development of green hydropower technology and yesterday, its stock was on the move as well. The Hydro Power stock ended up with gains of as much as 86% for the day on 3X its average volume.

At this point in time, the company is best known for having developed a system that helps in raising the power output in an impact turbine hydro generation system. At this point in time, it may be a good idea for investors to add the Hydro Power stock to their watch lists.

Human Unitec International Inc (OTC:HMNU) was in the special limelight as the stock saw a very unusual volume of 10X its average volume.

Human Unitec International Inc is involved in the project management, project finance, and development space spread across several industries. It is involved in the medical, wellness sustainability, and green energy sectors.

While it is true that the company is involved in all those sectors, it is also making an effort to move into the cryptocurrency space and it has done so by way of the PBT Coin. It is one aspect of the company that makes it stand out from other companies of a similar nature at this point in time.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) – Following a major announcement on Tuesday, the Halberd Corporation stock emerged as one of the major movers and ended the day with gains of as much as 11.17%.

The company was in fact in the news yesterday after it announced that it had managed to demonstrate a process by way of which it could eliminate a particular cytokine from a mixture of two cytokines in a liquid. The announcement came as a source of great optimism considering the fact that such a procedure could in fact prove to be tremendously useful in a wide range of medical processes. Halberd is a penny stock that could be worth keeping an eye on.

GBT Technologies Inc (OTC:GTCH) – Another penny stock that could be worth looking into today is the GBT Technologies Inc stock. The company was in the news yesterday following a key announcement that resulted in massive trading volumes.

Trading volumes went up as much as 8 times yesterday and it will be interesting to see how the stock performs today. The reason behind the enthusiasm was that news emerged yesterday that GBT had submitted a continuation patent application for its communication and data system.

AllStar Health Brands (OTC:ALST) – Lastly, it is the AllStar Health Brands stock that emerged as one of the penny stocks to watch on Tuesday. It did not only end the day with gains of as much as 15.38% but also clocked trading volumes that were 1.8 times higher than normal.

There was no news about the company yesterday but back on April 4, it had announced that AdventGalaxy, a company it was invested in, had inked a development agreement with GIANT.net for helping the latter in creating its NFT and crypto projects.

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