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No cap on Ukraine refugees coming to UK, says Priti Patel

Daria Kaleniuk, the executive director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, tells Boris Johnson in an emotional plea: “You’re talking about the stoicism of the Ukrainian people. But Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles are going from the sky.

“And the Ukrainian people are desperately asking for the West to protect our sky. We are asking for the no-fly zone, we are seeing the response that it will trigger World War Three, but what is the alternative, Mr Prime Minister? To observe how our children, instead of planes, are protecting Nato from the missiles and bombs? What’s the alternative for the no-fly zone? We have planes here, we have an air defence system in Poland, in Romania. Nato has this air defence. At least this air defence could shield the western Ukraine so that these children, with women, could come to the border. It’s impossible now to cross the border. There are 30km of mines. Imagine crossing the border with a baby? Or with two children…

“Britain guarantees our security under the Budapest Memorandum. So you’re coming to Poland – you’re not coming to Kyiv, Prime Minister, you’re not coming to Lviv, because you are afraid. Because Nato is not willing to defend, because Nato is afraid of World War Three. But it has already started and it is Ukrainian children who are there taking the hit.

“You are talking about more sanctions, Prime Minister, but Roman Abramovich is not sanctioned. He’s in London, his children are not in the bombardments, his children are there in London. Putin’s children are in the Netherlands, in Germany, in mansions.

“Why aren’t all these mansions seized? I don’t see that! I see that my family members, my team members, are saying that we are crying, we don’t have anywhere to run. This is what is happening, Prime Minister.”

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