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Nashville rideshare company keeps rates flat as other companies surcharge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – While Uber and Lyft prices continue to surge due to gas prices, one local rideshare company says they do not need to raise rates.

Earth Rides is just like Uber, but they use a fleet of electric vehicles. As a result, their prices are comparable to other companies like Lyft and Uber. The problem is you might be waiting longer for an Earth Ride because they are in demand.

These days when you get a handle on gas prices, they seem to go up.

“Oh no, they affect me,” says DeJuan Fields, a driver with Earth Rides. “I’m used to paying 40 bucks and now 80 bucks.”

Fields drives a gas-powered car outside of work. But at work, he drives an electric vehicle for Earth Rides.

“Today was a busy day,” he says. “I had about 12 rides this morning.”

Earth Rides says they always have no surcharge and a flat fee because they run on electricity.

Fields says that’s why they are attractive to drivers.

“We actually see more riders, but March is our busy season,” Fields explains. “That’s when we get more tourists, more riders, a lot of airport riders, especially in the morning time.”

“We’ve definitely heard about the complaints,” says Raven Hernandez, Earth Rides Founder.

She started the company in 2020, which started with three cars. They have a fleet of 10 vehicles, about 100 employees, and a second location in Austin, Texas.

“We just hired a driver who used to drive for a rideshare in her pickup truck,” Hernandez explains. “And she’s like, I’m so thankful to be working for you guys now as an employee driving your vehicles; this is completely unsustainable for me in this vehicle.”

Uber and Lyft announced a 45 to 55 cent surcharge each trip to combat gas prices. With Earth Rides being electric, they say they don’t have to worry about that. To power up a battery on an electric vehicle costs $6 to $12.

“If you’re burning quite a bit of gas per mile, that’s not making up for the increase,” says Hernandez.

To ensure you get an Earth Ride on time, they recommend scheduling your ride in advance.

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