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Latest Russia-Ukraine war news – The Washington Post

A chilling video published on Friday shows the moment a team of Sky News journalists came under gunfire while driving through Ukraine — highlighting the increasing violence in an invasion that has killed hundreds of civilians.

Sky News foreign correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team of four were attacked Monday after being ambushed by “a saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad,” according to Ramsay’s account of the incident.

The group was on its way to the town of Bucha, about 18 miles away from Kyiv. Near an intersection, the pop of a small explosion is heard. “It’s the tire, isn’t it?” producer Dominique Van Heerden is heard wondering out loud.

But when the car comes to a stop, that is the moment “our world turned upside down,” Ramsay wrote. The crackle of a cascade of gunfire can be heard as flashes of bullets fly through the car, the video shows.

“At this stage we thought it was a Ukrainian army checkpoint firing at us and that it was a mistake, so we started screaming we were journalists, but the rounds kept coming,” Ramsay said.

With bullets flying, the group eventually managed to escape from the car. They jumped down a 40-foot embankment at the side of the road, where Ramsay said he landed “like a sack of potatoes.”

According to Ramsay, they found refuge in a garage, while the sound of gunfire rattled outside. The five journalists were eventually rescued by Ukrainian police the next morning, when it was “pitch-black outside.”

Ramsay was wounded after being shot in the back. Camera operator Richie Mockler took two rounds to his body armor during the ordeal. In Ukraine, the U.N. human rights office said Friday that at least 331 civilians had been killed, while Ukraine’s emergency services put the number of civilian fatalities much higher, at more than 2,000.

“The point is we were very lucky,” Ramsay wrote. “But thousands of Ukrainians are dying, and families are being targeted by Russian hit squads just as we were, driving along in a family saloon and attacked.”

“This war gets worse by the day,” he added.

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