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Centre Market puts the “chase” in “purchase” with scavenger hunt on Small Business Saturday

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Whether it is businesses new, or long-lasting, Centre Market has the shops that make up our local businesses in the community, and what better way to show support than holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday. 

Wheeling’s Centre Market had events for shoppers like music all day in the Market Café, and the chance to win prizes with a scavenger hunt. 

Mostly, business owners are excited to show why their shops are worth stopping by today and into the future, such as Talan + Lou and Label Three Boutiques.  

”We really just cater to the locals, and we try to make it as special and as authentic as we really can, and so every time, you know, we buy, we are buying with our local people in mind.”

Samantha Holcomb – Owner, Talan + Lou Boutique

Just as shop owners keep local customers in mind, the shoppers come from near and far every year with the good of the businesses in mind, as well. 

”Keeping the money in the Ohio Valley rather than the big, you know, malls and stores and stuff like that. I’m friends with several of the local owners of some of the shops, so you know, I’m coming out to support them.”

Heather Bise – Shopper, Triadelphia

”These businessowners are trying so hard and I think they do put a lot of work and time into it, and I think supporting it also makes me feel good for the community.”

Isabella Romanek – Shopper, Wheeling

If you’ve been looking around for that one-of-a-kind piece, you might just find it here right under your nose, while also supporting your neighbors in our community.

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