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Austin American-Statesman Commentary Roundup: Jan. 15, 2023

President Joe Biden exchanges handshakes with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott when the president arrived in El Paso, Jan. 8
(Photo: Omar Ornelas/El Paso Times)

Dallas Morning News

Jan. 10 editorial, “Gov. Abbott can do better than his border letter to President Biden.”

As far as political theater goes, no one was expecting a buddy movie when Gov. Greg Abbott met President Joe Biden at the tarmac for the Democrat’s high-stakes border visit Sunday. Yet it’s sad and telling that a hostile letter that Abbott delivered to Biden after shaking hands is seemingly the bulk of their communication during the Texas visit.

Biden’s visit was long overdue, as his own fellow Democrats have said. We have supported Abbott’s calls for better border enforcement because he’s right about the chaos that border communities have experienced from the nonstop arrival of thousands of migrants every day.

Abbott’s letter included fair criticisms of the Biden administration, but the tone and delivery make its contents unhelpful. The letter, which Abbott handed to Biden in front of news cameras, felt more like the president was being served a warrant than being greeted in good faith by the governor of our state.

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