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A look back at past Junior Livestock Auctions – Red Bluff Daily News

The 2022 Tehama District Fair Junior Livestock Auction will be Saturday, April 30. A brief history from July 31, 1999 Daily News as written by me, with Bill’s name as TCCA President.

We asked the “old timers” at the Junior Livestock Auction, who started the first sale and when. Names of Dale and Inez Borror, Leroy Reddy, Ed Lasley, Ray Rodgers, Dave Minch, Irl Maxwell, Glenn Dietz, George Hoag, Ellington Peek and Dale Carpenter were mentioned as possible organizers.

We knew it was after Jean, her sister Marilyn and Linda Lee Rubel Rosser were in 4-H because they sold their steers at the Lassen County Fair.

Next stop was the Tehama County Library and the Red Bluff Daily News of July 23, 1953.

Plans for a Fat Stock Sale for 4-H and Future Farmer members, to be held in connection with the Tehama County fair, were described to members of the Red Bluff Merchants Association at a noon luncheon in the Tremont hotel today.

Del Williams, secretary of the committee, reported the sale committee for this year’s initial event consists of Ray Rodgers, vocational agriculture teacher at Red Bluff High School, and chairman of the committee. Paul McDonald of El Camino, Dave Jones, Jimmy Owens,  Joe Soares, Lyman Willard and Lee Frey.

Buyers pay $2,763 for Fat Livestock at 4-H Sale was front page headline of Aug. 10, 1953 newspaper.

Ray Rodgers, chairman of the sale, which was staged for the first time this year, said the success of the undertaking was due to the support given by the buyers and the volunteers who aided in handling the event.

Everest Smith of Red Bluff and Clyde Syl of Richfield were the auctioneers.

Homer Henderson, Lyman Willard and Jerry Halterman were in the ring taking bids and Jerome Edgar carried the sale tickets while Art Gerring and Marilyn Willard kept records. Sydney Watson opened and closed the sale. Assisting the youngsters in getting the stock to the ring were Max Henderson, Dave Jones, Hillman Willard and Farm Advisor Del Williams.

The committee assisting Sale Chairman Rodgers included Lyman Willard and Jim Owens of the Tehama County Cattlemen’s Association; Joe Soares, fair secretary-manager; Mrs Dale Borror; and Farm Advisor Williams.

Sellers (of the six steers, three hogs and 30 lambs) were Susan Mills, Melvin Ferrell, Barbara Jackson, Lelia Ogburn, Benny Benson, Margaret Feusi, Adolph Feusi, Jr.; Bill Myre, Al Gates, Kay Willard, Glenn Hinton, Ronald Everson, Louise Reddy, Ernest Enos, David Reddy, Mary Lou Jones, Bobby Nunes, Kirk Willard, Wyn Sutfin, Robert Sutfin, Nancy Huffman, Dick Lourence, John Tollett, Judy Nunes, and Kathleen Coates.

Buyers included Minch’s Wholesale Meats, Orland Auction Yard, Macy & Company, Red Bluff Locker, Evenson & Younger, Darrell Mills, Joe Soares, Ray Anchordoguy, Milt Fisher, Mrs. Dale Borror, Smith Hardware and Savercool’s Meat Market.

July 28, 1954:

Final plans for the second annual Tehama County Fat Stock Auction were completed last night at a meeting held in the Farm Advisor’s office. The sale committee headed by chairman Ray Rodgers, decided that most of the 5 percent commission to be charged will be used to advertise the sale. It was also decided that in order to assure the buyers of outstanding value, only animals grading good or better will be sold. A 2 percent shrink will be taken to compensate for fill.

The following leaders agreed to help put the animals through the ring: Leroy Reddy, Homer Henderson, Bill Borror, chairman Rodgers and Farm Advisor Williams.

Auctioneer Everest (Smitty) Smith said “There is a great amount of interest in this sale. The Merchants Committee of Red Bluff Chamber of Commerce is working hard to get the buyers out.”

Members of the Merchants Committee who are working on the sale are: chairman G. B. Sutton, Bert Bosse, Milt Fisher, George Growney, Jr.; and Smith.

August 9, 1955, headline read, “Pay Record Price for Livestock at Youth Stock Show.” Thirty-nine Tehama county merchants and other individuals went “all out” in support of the second annual Tehama County Fair Junior Livestock Auction paying $7,787 for 20 fat steers, five hogs and 49 lambs.

Among the largest buyers of all livestock were Frank Machado, Sierra Tractor Company, David Minch, Harold Crane of Crane Mills, Aaron Stockton, Orland Auction Yards, Ray Anchordoguy, and Bud Avilla.

Marie Hencratt, Cottonwood sold her champion 4-H lamb to Minch for 35 cents a pound. Champion FFA lamb shown by Wynn Sutfin of Corning, sold to Joe Player, Farmer’s Tractor at 32 cents a pound. The top hog was shown by Charles Ryan of Anderson FFA, and was sold to Orland Auction Yard at 41 cents per pound.

The Grand Champion Steer, owned and exhibited by Donna Stockton of Orland, went to Dave Minch  and Dr. O.T. Wood for $457. The Reserve Champion shown by Dorothy Matz of Corning, went to Sierra Tractor for $437. Sixty-nine different exhibitors sold animals.

The third sale, Aug. 9, 1955 headline read “Junior Stock Sale brings in $6,578 for young sellers.” Ten head of swine, 17 steers and 13 fat lambs were sold by 33 4-H and FFA members, sale chairman Carlton (Tommy) Thomas revealed today.

Champion FFA steer raised by Melvin Tingley of Red Bluff sold for 40 cents a pound to Minch Wholesale Meats. Carole Lasley, Westside 4-H, sold her 4-H Champion for 36 cents per pound to Zuckweiler’s Department Store. Other steer exhibitors were: Bob Brandt,  Burton Bundy, Nels Anderson, Susan Mills, Bill Shults, Donna Stockton, Nadine Selby, Doug Bragg, Larry Hyatt, Dorothy Matz, Pat Lovelady, Lyle Simon, Nancy Day, Kendric Brewer, and Linda McGee.

Hanna Kersten, Antelope 4-H sold her Champion Swine for 27 1/2 cents per pound to Macy & Company. Other swine exhibitors were: Duane Teske, Arthur Sutfin, Don Price, Dick Lourence and Bill Burrows.

The Champion 4-H Sheep raised by Wynn Sutfin, Richfield 4-H Club brought 55 cents per pound from Anchordoguy & Co. Other lambs were sold by Opal Thornton, Kirk Willard, Albert Vieira, Louise Reddy, Frank Enos, David Reaume, Roberta Hinton, Lavern Hencratt and Karen Lasley.

Buyers in 1955 included Mrs. Dale Borror, Dr. Don Thompson, Charles Luther, Joe Soares, George Growney, Jr.; Orland Auction Yards, Evenson & Younger Equipment Co.; Safeway Stores, Anglo Bank of California, Tremont Hotel, Red Bluff Elks Lodge, Pug Savercool, Crane Mills, Crystal Tavern, Mt. Lassen Farm Loan, B & O Feed Supply and H & T Wool Co. (Bud Avilla.)

March 26 is the Tehama County Cattlemen’s 18-hole Golf Scramble and lunch at Wilcox Oaks Golf Club. Hole-in-one wins a mystery prize. Entry deadline is March 15.

Proceeds benefit TCCA Youth Activities and Preservation of Ag and Farming. Information: Tony Turri  570-1276 or Mike McCluskey 736-3428 or Shelley Macdonald 519-5377.

Jean Barton has been writing her column in the Daily News since the early 1990s. She can be reached by e-mail at jbarton2013@gmail.com.

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