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12 Explosions Heard In Kyiv In Sign Of Russian Assault Intensifying; 48 Flights Carry

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE Updates: 

As the war between Russia and Ukraine intesifies, the UN Human Rights Council on Friday condemned the alleged rights violations by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine and agreed to set up a commission to investigate them, including possible war crimes. Thirty-two members of the council voted in favour of the resolution brought by Ukraine. Russia and Eritrea voted against it, while 13, including China, abstained. “Those from Russia directing and committing violations against my people should be paying attention. The evidence is going to be collected; you are going to be identified, and you are going to be held to account,” Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Yevheniia Filipenko, flanked by Western ambassadors, told reporters after the vote.

The Geneva-based council cannot make legally binding decisions but its decisions send important political messages and can authorise investigations, such as the one to be carried out by the three-person commission created by Friday’s vote. Earlier, Filipenko told the council there was “irrefutable evidence of gross and systematic human rights violations as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity by Russia”. Russia, which has called its actions since Feb. 24 a “special operation”, has denied targeting civilians in Ukraine. Its delegate, Evgeny Ustinov, told the council that the resolution’s backers “will use any means to blame Russia for the events in Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Black Sea port city of Mykolayiv has issued an air raid warning after authorities reported fighting around the city as Russian forces sought to advance in the region. Earlier on Friday, Ukrainian authorities said the Russian advance on the ship-building hub had been halted after Regional Governor Vitaliy Kim reported Russian troops entering the city.

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